Monday, 9 May 2011

Lets get this awkwardness out of the way

Well heres the first blog, its not really about anything other than that I now have a blog. Which in retrospect you are already aware of otherwise you wouldn't be reading this and if you're reading this you are probably aware of who I am, but for those of you who aren't I shall provide a brief outline of who I am and what I am likely to blog about.

Basically I am Thomas Hyde, also known as hamsterwaffle, wobblebolt or Emperor Barbossa V, depending on where you know me from. I am an economist, but this blog will not pertain solely to economics, it will also cover other topics such as politics, history and how awesome the music of Genesis is. I used to be a fascist, but am no longer, now I have drifted towards the left. Basically I'm a bit like Mussolini in reverse, except I wasn't born upside down at a petrol station.

Also a warning, I am sometimes prone to making obscure references for like, no reason and like to end with quotes I like.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy.

The greater the man, the less is he opinionative, he depends upon events and circumstances. -Emperor Napoleon I.


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  2. Not cute puppy photo?

    I look forward to your blog posts.